No bids for SA property

    South Adams Schools Superintendent Scott Litwiller said during this week's school board meeting that there have not been any bids submitted on the former Berne elementary school property.
    Bidding was opened May 2 for the entire tract of real estate which totals 4.815 acres. Bidding will close at 3 p.m. on June 1. After the open bidding period ends, board members will hold a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. that day to review the bids and to possibly accept a bid.
    Litwiller reviewed the terms and conditions for selling the property. He said that the schools' board may sell the property to the "highest and best bidder" before expiration of the time set out in the notice. He added that all bids should be submitted in writing and delivered to the administration office in person or by first class mail.
    Other terms and conditions are:
    — Bids should be signed and contain the bidder's name, address, telephone number and bid price.
    — A bidder may include specific conditions which are prerequisites to purchasing the property, but that the board reserves the right to deem them unacceptable.
    — All bids are open to public inspection.
    — Bidders may raise their bids and a bid raise shall be considered to take effect after the school has given written notice of that raise to the other bidders.
    In other building news, Director of Facilities Dave Vorhees said that ADA-compliant upgrades at the football stadium "should be starting any time."
    He also gave an estimate on the cost of a new press box at the stadium. He said the current press box is 8-feet by 24-feet. He received an estimate of $88,500 for a new press box from Lee Company that is 10-feet by 40-feet.
    That price, said Vorhees, includes framing, pillars and installation of the new one as well as tearing down the old one.
    Vorhees said the current box is "in really bad shape." Athletic Director Mike Pries agreed and added, "We need more space. It's not big enough."
    Pries said that the current press box is too small to accommodate radio stations, news stations, newspaper reporters and webcasts.
    "We have had to make two radio stations and a webcast stand outside before," said Pries.
    Board members did not make any motions or decisions on the matter.