New notification system set for SA

    Myra Moore, South Adams Schools' technology director, announced at this week's board of education meeting that the school plans to use a new notification system during the 2012-13 school year. The new system has more features and will cost three cents more per student than the previous system.
    Moore also said that the 1:1 laptop computer program is progressing. The computers have been received and are currently being barcoded and inventoried before they are assigned to students. An informational meeting for parents is scheduled for August 2.
    In building news, Director of Facilities Dave Vorhees said that tennis court repairs will begin sometime in the middle of June. The repairs were delayed due to tennis camps.
    Ohio & Indiana Roofing Company began work to replace the roof above the high school gymnasium on Tuesday. The project is expected to take two to three weeks to complete.
    Also, the "T" intersection of Starfire Way and the south parking lot of the school has been widened by LICA.
    In other business, a recommendation by Superintendent Scott Litwiller to ratify the purchase of a new bus was approved. The 78-passenger bus cost was $85,537 and follows the schools' bus replacement plan. The school corporation received $4,000 for a trade-in.
    School board members also approved the transfer of $450,000 from the Transportation Fund to the Rainy Day Fund. According to Litwiller, the purpose of the Rainy Day Fund is to pay for unforeseen expenditures, unfunded mandates and/or shortfalls that normally are expended from the General Fund. The Rainy Day Fund excludes the payment of salaries and wage-related benefits.
    Other formalities included approving an inter-fund transfer resolution and declaring 90 to 120 computer desks as surplus to be sold to the public. Revenue from the desk sales will be deposited into the Capital Projects Fund.
    Also, a Capital Projects Fund loan resolution was approved to recover tax revenue due to a Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) error in calculating the Capital Projects Fund revenue.
    Litwiller explained that in March, public schools were notified that the DLGF incorrectly figured the certified levy for the capital projects funds. The legislators corrected the miscalculation with a bill (HEA 1072), which allows schools to recover the difference by receiving an interest-free loan from the state general fund this summer.
    Schools must agree to pay the money back in 2013, from the debt service fund. South Adams received documentation from the Office of Management and Budget concerning the difference. According to the letter, South Adams was shorted $24,842.