NA budget takes huge hit - State cuts major blow to building repair projects

    The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance delivered a crushing blow to the proposed 2013 operating budget for North Adams Community Schools early last week. The state budget review commission trimmed some $500,000 from the district's Capital Projects fund for the current year, leaving school officials in a wait-and-see mode when it comes to the fate of building repair projects later this year.
    Business Manager Larry Carty reported to the school district's board of education on Tuesday evening that revised projections in the collection of property tax throughout the North Adams district led the DLGF to slash the school's operating budget. Carty said the Sports Facility appropriations, a non-specific line item within the Capital Projects fund that was capped at 5 percent of the fund's total, was eliminated by the state commission.
    The district's 2013 operating budget as submitted was for $21.8 million, down from $23.3 million in 2012 and $22.6 million in 2011.
    Further details in today's print edition.