Moves planned to save wear on NAdams buses

    In an effort to more evenly distribute the wear on fleet buses, North Adams Schools Director of Transportation, Facilities and Grounds Larry Carty told the schools' board of education on Tuesday that a plan has been developed to shift some of the vehicles between routes.
    Based upon accumulated mileage on a particular bus, average annual mileage for each route and years of service remaining until the bus can be traded, moves are being planned, he said. Carty added that a retirement total mileage in the range of 120,000 to 150,000 is being targeted.
    Changes in service will be made during Thanksgiving break.
    Notice of the change to be given parents, students and teachers is being planned for late October or early November.    
    In building news, Carty said that the Bellmont Middle School structure restoration project was completed on July 15, an entire month ahead of schedule. Approval for the final release of payment was given September 8.
    Recommendations for a long-range roofing management program for Bellmont High School and Bellmont Middle School were received from Structure Tec last week. According to Carty, evaluations of the condition (flashing/seams/medium), coupled with budgetary cost estimates, will be used to plan capital expenditures for roof repair/replacement on those facilities over the next several years.
    Carty said, "It appears that some repair of the flashings and seams will be required yet this fall to prepare the high school roof for the winter conditions ahead." The cost of those repairs is estimated at $10,000, and will last for two to three years.
    Carty said this is enough time to implement a "repair/replace sequence." He added that the repairs are "too expensive to do all at once."