More savings are unveiled for the county

    Last week, it was the sheriff's department saving Adams County more than $20,000 in mistakenly-double-billed telephone charges.
    This week, it's Community Corrections (CC) saving the county between $24,000 and almost $48,000 due to the community service work program.
    CC Director Ian Gilbert told the commissioners on Monday that the plan to let people convicted of crimes who are indigent work on community service projects cost the county $16,395 as 16 people worked 761 hours for a combined total of 1,165 days.
    However, had those 16 people been housed in the county jail at a daily rate of $35 to $55 each, the cost to the county would have ranged from $40,775 to $64,075, said Gilbert.
    He added that, of the 16 people involved, six were employed, two got fulltime jobs, and four were fulltime students.
    Gilbert also agreed with Commissioner Doug Bauman that, with more people being placed on the work-release program at the jail by order of local judges, fewer people are in the CC program.
    In another announcement, Gilbert was pleased to report that Indiana's Department of Correction (DOC) has begun rating the 76 counties that have CC systems to judge how they are doing.
    The ratings are based on overall information provided by each county, proof of what each county is doing, and the timeliness of the data submitted to the DOC. The best counties get a rating of three, two is satisfactory, and one is unsatisfactory.
    Gilbert revealed that Adams County is one of 22 counties with a three rating, since the county's score was 61 out of 70. He told the commissioners, "I still want nine more points to get a perfect score."
    The CC leader said 40 counties received grades of two and 14 were given ones.
    Commissioner Kim Fruechte said the high rating is a direct reflection of the leadership that Gilbert provides. "Our hats need to be off to you," he told Gilbert.
    On another matter, an ordinance to charge $50 to each convicted sex or violent offender living in the county to register with the sheriff's department and $5 for every address change reported by such offenders was given final passage on a 3-0 vote.