Monroe system better, not fixed

    The ongoing issues with the town of Monroe's sewage system is getting better, but it's not fixed yet, according to Monroe Water and Sewage Assistant Superintendent Justin Shaffer.
    Shaffer told the Monroe Town Council Thursday that the pressure in the main sewer line running from Monroe to Berne is pumping at a much higher rate than before, but isn't quite where it needs to be.
    After speaking with Underground of Fort Wayne, Shaffer said it is believed that air that has been trapped in the main line for the past several years has allowed a buildup of sewage to form in the line.
    Shaffer told the council replacing the air release valves has solved the problem of trapping air in the line, but it may take time for the buildup to be forced out. He also said one option would be to use a high-pressure pump to blast air through the line in an attempt to clear away the buildup.
    President Al Lehman asked Shaffer if the problem would correct itself in time. Shaffer said that is a possibility, but was unsure as to how long it would take.
    "It could be six months, it could be three years," said Shaffer. "We just don't know."
    In the end, the council and Shaffer all agreed it was better to hold off until spring to see if the now near full-flowing water would clear the buildup, eliminating the need for the town to pay for a high pressure air pump.