Meyer, Fuelling are pick leaders

    When Ohio State fell Friday night, 67 bracket sheets went into the dead file. When Kansas left the tourney, 45 more sheets died out.
    Currently, Mike Meyer, with 89 points and UConn picked to win, and Dane Fuelling, with 81 points and Butler, are both in the driver's seat for the 2011 DDD March Challenge NCAA picking contest.
    Also taking UConn are Sam Magnan (77), Tim Zeser (75), and John Selking (75).
    Meyer actually picked two of the final four, tabbing Kentucky to win the East. His other two regional winners were Kansas and Old Dominion.
    Fuelling has only Butler in the final four. Magnan, Zeser and Selking all have just UConn.
    Had Kansas survived to make it to the final four, the leader going in would have been Mayor John Schultz, who had 79 points after Friday night's games. Alvin Miller had 77 points, Eric Koenemann 76, and former champ Al Miller 76. Jim Hopkins had Kansas andn 74 points.
    Schultz also picked UConn to make the final four, giving him 89 points as a final count.