Mayor to seek a 2nd term

    Eleven months before the next city election in November of 2011, Mayor John L. Schultz of Decatur has made it official: he will seek a second four-year term.
    Schultz, 61, a Democrat, was first elected in 2007 after having served 16 years (four terms) on the city council.
    He also was the president for many years of Baker and Schultz Inc., a longtime family-owned construction business here.
    In making the announcement, Schultz said that "coping with the economic conditions of the past couple of years has been challenging, to say the least." However, he also expressed "gratitude and appreciation to city employees for their dedication and assistance in continuing to provide quality city services to the residents of Decatur with dwindling resources."
    He also praised the city's departmental leaders, the clerk-treasurer, and the five city council members for "their efforts in cutting expenses and working with me to hold the line on spending."
    Schultz listed the following eight accomplishments during his first three years as mayor, despite difficult economic times:
    • Major expansion of the sewage treatment plant.
    • Keeping hundreds of Fleetwood recreational vehicle workers in the city.
    • Updating Decatur's comprehensive plan.
    • Updating numerous chapters of the city's legal code and ordinances.
    • Working to achieve site certification for Industrial Park.
    • Cleaning up the former Decatur Casting location.
    • Substantially completing storm water and sanitary sewer separation throughout the city.
    • Replacing the CSX Railroad bridge over the St. Marys River near the Bunge North America plant.
    Schultz calls those advancements "significant either because they were crucial to economic development and the retention or creation of jobs or because they improved safety and the quality of life for the citizens of Decatur."
    The mayor went on to state, "These successes were not the result of my work alone and could not have occurred without the assistance of many others, including citizen volunteers, Larry Macklin of the Adams County Economic Development Corp., and the Adams County commissioners, with all of whom I have developed close working relationships."
    He said it's "a privilege and an honor to serve as mayor of Decatur" and that he is "extremely proud of this community and this country," noting that he was "especially moved by the outpouring of support and respect the community displayed during the services for Sgt. Phillip Jenkins, who was killed in Iraq."
    Schultz, a military veteran, said he is "gratified by the patriotism shown by Decatur," which is "an example of why Decatur is a great place to live."
    Concluding his candidacy statement, Schultz said, "More needs to be done and I am anxious to keep moving the city forward. I am excited about the opportunity to implement the comprehensive plan and to continue to fight for jobs."
    He also thanked his wife, Brenda, and his children for their support and expressed appreciation to the community as a whole for its support.