Mayor praises demolition work, plus cooperation

    A major concern now behind him, Decatur Mayor John Schultz had high praise at this week's city council meeting for the work done on the demolition of the building at the corner of Second and Monroe streets.
    Safety was a concern, with a major street near one wall, another building near another wall, and even City Hall close by. But the operation went off without any major hitches.
    "I want to thank Fleming Excavating," the mayor said. "They had a nice plan and followed through with it; they did a wonderful job.
    "I also want to thank our fire department, police department and street department for working so closely together on this."
    Police were a key factor, maintaining traffic control through the critical times, and the fire department used its huge ladder truck to get above the building and pour down water when needed to limit the dust.
    And, as the mayor pointed out, Jeremy Gilbert, who heads the street and sewer departments, was around all the time the work was going on and worked closely with the Fleming employees.
    Also at the council meeting;
    • Since the first meeting of the new year falls on New Year's Day, it was agreed to move that meeting to Wednesday, January 2.
    • The mayor said the huge logjam under the Macklin Bridge on Monroe St. is scheduled to be removed on Monday.
    • Council approved the expenditure of $1,500 to pay for the lodging, meals, gifts, etc. for the six-man Chinese delegation due to arrive in Decatur late Sunday and stay until around noon Tuesday.
    It was also agreed that council will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. Monday in council chambers "as more of a greeting, a welcome, thanking them for coming to  Decatur," Schultz said.
    It is hoped that down the line, some business could be brought to the city from China.