Luncheon with former mayor closes out flood relief saga

The flood of 2003, which will forevermore be cemented in the minds of Decatur residents, came to a financial close recently when the Federal Emergency Management Agency finalized the numbers from a federal grant and County Economic Development Income Tax that was used to perform home buyouts and help create a flood plain within the city. As reported earlier this month in the Democrat by Bob Shraluka, in 2006 the city received a $2 million federal grant, and the city used $500,000 from CEDIT monies for a $2.5 million total to help Decatur residents. Approximately 70 percent of the remaining funds, about $30,000, will go to the city with 30 percent going to the Maumee River Basin Commission. Monday’s luncheon marked the end of what proved to be a lengthy process of financial recovery for the city. Fortunately, residents recovered more quickly and have since moved on with their lives. Moved on, perhaps, but never to forget.