lst AC Superdual slated

    The first annual Adams Central Superdual will be held on Saturday, Jan. 8, it was announced today by the AC Athletic Department.
    The annual Wrestling Jet Invitational apparently is no longer, being replaced by the eight-team dual meet.
    Joining the host Jets will be: Bluffton, Bishop Dwenger, North Wayne Northrop, Fort Wayne Snider, Jay County, Norwell and Southwood.
    Wrestling will begin at 9 a.m. on four mats and the tourney will be broken into two pools. In Pool A, it will be: Adams Central, Bluffton, and Southwood, Northrop. In Pool B, it will be: Dwenger, Norwell, Jay, and Snider.
    After the first three rounds of pool competition, the teams  from opposite pools will be paired against each other, No. 1 against No. 2, etc.
    Round five will put the top team from each pool against each other, then the seconds, thirds and fourths..
    The time of the final round is estimated to be 3 p.m.
    Officials for the tourney will be: Jim Bopp, James Goeglein, Don Weaver and Steve Ziembo. Admission will be $5 for the day.
    The slate will be as follows:
    ROUND ONE—(A) A. Central vs. Bluffton, Southwood vs. Northrop; (B) Dwenger vs. Norwell, Jay vs. Snider.
    ROUND TWO—(A) A. Central vs. Northrop, Bluffton vs. Southwood; (B) Dwenger vs. Jay,, Snider vs. Norwell.
    ROUND THREE—(A) A. Central vs. Southwood, Northrop vs. Bluffton; (B) Snider vs. Dwenger, Norwell vs. Jay.
    ROUND FOUR—Pool A No. 1 vs. Pool B No. 2; Pool A No. 2 vs. Pool B No. 1; Pool A No. 3 vs. Pool B No. 4; Pool B No. 3 vs. Pool A No. 4.
    ROUND FIVE—Pool A No. 1 vs. Pool B No. 1; Pool A No. 2 vs. Pool B No. 2; Pool A No. 3 vs. Pool B No. 3; Pool A No. 4 vs. Pool B No. 4.