Local hospital continues as an error-free facility

    Officials of Adams Memorial Hospital have announced that for the fifth year in a row AMH has been listed as an error-free healthcare facility by the Indiana State Department of Health.
    Tom Nordwick, president of Adams Health Network, which operates the hospital and other sites in Adams and Allen counties, said continuation of error-free status "is due directly to the work put in by our staff and strict adherence to patient safety issues."
    The listing is based on the 2010 Indiana Medical Error Report (IMER) which showed that, during the multiple-year time period when the hospital was studied, AMH discharged more than 11,000 people, had some 20,000 surgical procedures done, and almost 100,000 outpatient visits.
    In 2010, said the IMER, Adams Memorial Hospital discharged 2,280 in-patients, saw 14,449 out-patients, and completed 3,460 medical procedures.
    IMER analysts examine six categories: surgical procedures, products or devices, patient protection, care management, environmental matters, and criminal matters.
    AMH is part of the Northeast Indiana Patient Safety Coalition and Nordwick noted that the hospital was recently listed as one of the top 100 critical-access hospitals in the United States by the National Rural Health Association. There are 1,750 hospitals in the nation.
    Nordwick summed up by saying, "This is a reflection of the good work done at our hospital by our staff. We make continual efforts to improve patient services and this recognition goes a long way to support what is being done here."
    He further pointed out that The Village of Heritage nursing home at Monroeville, which is part of the Adams Health Network, was listed by examiners as having zero deficiencies, which Nordwick said is an extremely difficult accomplishment.