Limberlost to host ‘Swift Night Out’ Saturday

Staff Writer

Decatur Daily Democrat

    The public is invited to attend “Swift Night Out” 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Limberlost State Historic Site Visitor Center. This free, family-friendly event is all about the chimney swift, small birds that fly quickly through the sky while feeding on flying insects, making a “chippering” sound as they zoom by.  Despite their aerial acrobatics and chippering, swifts often go unnoticed, according to Curt Burnette, Limberlost naturalist.  
    The evening will begin with a Power Point program in the Limberlost visitor center classroom. Following the program, the group will move to downtown Geneva for a “swift sit” to watch these birds in flight. As the sun goes down, attendees can watch dozens of swifts zoom down one of the chimneys in downtown Geneva to take shelter for the evening.
    Swifts are unable to perch like most birds and can only cling to a vertical surface, such as the inside of a chimney, Burnette said.
    Bring a lawn chair and your family for this fun and educational free nature program. Donations are encouraged.
    For more information, contact Burnette 260-368-7428 or