Lightning hits Geneva library

    A lightning strike during a storm damaged a control unit on a computer in the Geneva branch of the Adams Public Library System on Monday, blew a fuse and knocked out the site's elevator, air conditioner, and Internet and Wii services.
    The incident happened around 1 p.m., branch director Rose Bryan said.
    Geneva firefighters responded to the alarm, but there was no fire.
    Strong thunderstorms with gusts of up to 81 mph blew through northern Indiana, knocking down trees and power lines, The Associated Press reported.
    The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department reported a semitrailer was blown over on Interstate 69. No one was injured. There also were reports of trees on houses throughout the region. 
    The storm initially left more than 40,000 homes and businesses without power. By late Monday afternoon that number was down to 28,000.
    A brief storm rolled through Decatur late Monday morning, but brought little of a much-needed commodity: rain. The city weather station recorded just .03 of an inch.
    Monday's high hit 90 degrees, following a 94 on Sunday, but the National Weather Service says highs should drop back into the low 80s here today and Thursday.