Just keeps getting hotter!

    Everyone's been saying it can't last. This stunning spate of warm weather in the middle of March probably can't, but this week it's not only lasting but getting warmer every day.    
    The Decatur weather station has recorded increasing highs for three consecutive days. A high of 73 degrees on Sunday was topped by Monday's 82 which in turn was bested by Tuesday's 85.
    Then Wednesday was the warmest yet: An incredible 87 degrees. Incredible because that was 37 degrees above the normal high for this time of the year! The normal high is 50 — this morning's low of 55 was warmer than that — and the normal low is 30.
    Fort Wayne recorded a high of 87 on Wednesday, the highest temperature ever seen there in the month of March. The previous record was 86, set March 24, 1910, meteorologist Evan Bentley of the National Weather Service in Syracuse told the Journal Gazette.
    Wednesday was the eighth consecutive day that Fort Wayne has broken a record. The newspaper said that’s the first time that has happened since record-keeping began in 1897, according to the National Weather Service.
    A high near 84 is predicted for the Decatur area today, under sunny skies.
    A "cooldown" is expected on Friday, when the high will be "only" 75, forecasters said, but there may be a spoiler: a 50 percent chance of rain, maybe even thunderstorms.
    The high is forecast to fall even more on Saturday, to around 66 — still way over the norm — and the 50 percent chance of rain will return.
    The long-range outlook calls for highs in the mid-60s Sunday and Monday and the upper-60s on Tuesday.

    Decatur highs last 10 days:
    Monday 67
    Tuesday 70
    Wednesday 79
    Thursday 79
    Friday 74
    Saturday 78
    Sunday 73
    Monday 82
    Tuesday 85
    Wednesday 87