June 30 deadline to fill ballots-Five NAdams board seats up for grabs

    Adams County Democrats have until June 30 to hold caucuses and make appointments to fill vacancies on the November general election ballot.
    According to a spokeswoman in the county clerk's office, the caucuses must be held and candidates selected by that date. Independent candidates have until July 2 to file petitions of candidacy to seek any countywide office.
    Seats that could potentially be filled by the local Democrats include candidates for the First District and Third District seats on the board of county commissioners, the county auditor's position and the county treasurer's seat. County Republicans have candidates already in place for all county offices.

North Adams School Board
    Candidates for five seats on the North Adams Community Schools' board of education have until Aug. 24 to file their petitions of candidacy. No petitions for the school board seats will be accepted until July 25, according to the clerk's spokesperson.
    Voters will have the opportunity to select up to five board members during November's first-ever election to seat North Adams school board members: two from District 1 — which includes the corporation limits of the city of Decatur; two from District 2 — which includes Union Township, Root Township, Preble Township, and the northern two miles of Washington Township; and one at-large member.
    During the transition from an appointed school board to an elected one, terms will be staggered. Because the board is expanding from a five-member body to a seven-member board, two candidates — one from District 1 and one from District 2 — will take their seats on Jan. 1, 2013.
    Other members elected during the November general election will take office as the four-year terms of currently appointed board members expire.

    Here is the field for county offices next November.
At-large seat
(3 to be chosen)
    Mellencamp (R)
    Bluhm (R)
    Colclasure (R)
    Affolder (D)
    Minch (D)
    Hain (D)

District 1 seat
    Fruechte (R)
    No D candidate

District 3 seat
    Bauman (R)
    No D candidate

    Stimpson (R)
    Koons (D)

    Beery (R)
    No D candidate

    Krueckeberg (R)

     Cook (R)
    Burkhart (D)

    Kukelhan (R)
    Schurger (D)