Judge stays chairman of health network board

    The status quo will remain in effect at the Adams Health Network for the coming year with the annual reorganization of the network being done at its January board of trustees meeting on Wednesday night.
    The five members of the trustees — Dr. Robert E. Judge, Russ Flueckiger, Dennis Bieberich, Larry D. Macklin, and Louise Ray — were unanimous in their decision to retain Dr. Judge as chairman of the trustees for another year as well as Flueckiger as vice chairman and Bieberich as secretary.
    Other reappointments made by the trustees included Dane Wheeler as treasurer; Linda Gorman as assistant treasurer; Adam T. Miller of the law firm of Burry, Herman, Miller and Brown of Decatur as legal counsel; and John Ginter as safety officer.
    Other policies, including the medical staff bylaws, board actions of the past year, conflict of interest, outside organizations, and a board self-assessment review were also completed.
    The majority of the meeting was spent reviewing a power point program presented by President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Nordwick on corporate compliance. The presentation was an educational view for trustees on violations and abuses that can occur within health care organizations.
    In financial action, the board approved $4,914,630.15 in claims for the past month.