Joel Bone could be released today

    INDIANAPOLIS—"He's doing quite well and hopefully will be coming home with us today," exclaimed Roxanne Bone this morning when asked how her son, Joel, was doing at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.
    Bone suffered a potentially critical neck injury Monday night in a junior varsity football game while playing quarterback for Marian University against Anderson University. He suffered fractures to the top two vertebrae of his cervical spine located  at the very top of the spine at the base of the skull.
    Bone was a former quarterback on the 2008 Bellmont football team that won the IHSAA class 3A state championship. Three other members of that football team--Trent Busse, Billy Baker, and Grant Melcher--are also on the football team at Marian this year with Bone.
    Mrs. Bone expressed gratitude for the many prayers and well wishes received from friends on Joel's behalf.
    "It has certainly helped and Joel is doing extremely well. He's resting comfortably with a neck brace on. Doctors have told us they don't think surgery will be necessary and that the bones in the neck will heal on their own."
    She even noted that after a recovery period, Bone has been cleared by doctors to go back to classes at Marian "when he feels up to it."
    Bone was injured in the Monday night game as he ran a quarterback keeper. As he started to fall forward, a defensive player slipped and went forward as well. The two collided with helmet to helmet contact.
    The upper portion of the cervical spine control many major functions of the body but Bone apparently has been spared the more severe implications that a fracture to this area could have. He has not suffered any paralysis and Bone's mother said he is moving all extremities without difficulty.