Jobless rate in slight dip

    Jobless figures in Adams County remained mostly stagnant during August, according to a report  released Friday by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, with unemployment numbers hovering in the same statistical range for the third consecutive month.
    The state's latest report showed Adams County with an unemployment rate of 8.0 percent in August; down slightly from July's 8.1 percent reading and identical to the county's jobless rate in June. Unemployment hit a three-year low in April of this year at 7.6 percent, and has changed little since that time.
    One year ago the county's jobless rate stood at 9.9 percent.
    According to the latest state  report, 1,201 members of the county's total labor force of 13,930 remained out of work during August.
    Jobless rates for other counties in northeast Indiana included: Jay, 7.4 percent; Wells, 7.8; Allen, 8.5; Whitley, 8.1; Huntington, 9.1; 11.2; Noble, 10.3; and DeKalb, 9.6 percent.
    Fayette County featured the highest unemployment rate in the state during August at 12.1 percent, followed by Blackford at 11.2, Henry and Wayne at 10.8, Clay and Elkhart at 10.7, and Lawrence and Miami at 10.5 percent.
    Indiana's 8.7 percent jobless rate for August was the lowest among five Midwest states. Ohio stood at 9.1 percent, Kentucky and Illinios were at 9.5, and Michigan had an unemployment rate of 11.2 percent for the month.
    The U.S. rate was 9.1 percent.
    “The July revision of private sector jobs largely offsets the August decrease, making the job numbers essentially the same as last month,” said Mark W. Everson, commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “While the number of long-term unemployed is still too high, for the first time since November of 2007, fewer than 50,000 individuals are collecting state unemployment insurance.”
    Officials in neighboring Ohio said that state’s unemployment rate rose for the third straight month in August, to a level matching the national jobless rate.
    The Department of Job and Family Services said Friday that unemployment edged up to 9.1 percent last month, from 9.0 percent in July. The U.S. unemployment rate for August also was 9.1 percent.
    In August of last year, Ohio had unemployment of 9.9 percent. Joblessness started rising again during the summer, after a nearly two-year stretch during which the state rate fell or held steady from month to month.