Jobless rate jumps up

    Adams County's jobless rate climbed to its highest level since February last month, according to a report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development released Tuesday.
    The county's 8.3 percent jobless rate for November was up slightly from the 8.1 percent reading in October, and was the highest since February's 8.8 percent reading. The high for the year came in January, when the county had a 9.2 percent unemployment rate. The county recorded its lowest rate of the year in April at 7.6 percent.
    According to the latest figures, 1,232 members of  Adams County's total workforce of 14,809 remained without jobs during November.
    Jobless figures in northeast and east central Indiana ran the gamut, according to the report, ranging from a low of 7.5 percent in Jay County to readings of 11.4 and 11.3 percent in Huntington and Blackford counties, respectively. November unemployment rates for other area counties included Wells, 8.9 percent; Allen, 9.3;  and Whitley, 9.4 percent. DeKalb county was at 9.7 percent and Noble's jobless rate was 10.2.
    Joining Blackford and Huntington on the list of counties with the state's highest jobless rate during November were Fayette, 11.9 percent; Vermillion, 11.4; Elkhart, 11.3; Miami, 10.9; Henry and Scott, 10.7; and Jennings, Starke and Wayne, 10.5 percent.
    Adams County had the state's 53rd highest unemployment rate last month.

    Indiana’s labor force increased by 13,600 in November, holding the state’s unemployment rate steady at 9.0 percent. Over the past four months, the state’s workforce has grown by almost 50,000. While Indiana saw a 0.4 percent increase in its labor force during the month, the U.S. labor force decreased by 0.2 percent in November, contributing to the decline in the nation’s unemployment rate from 9.0 percent to 8.6 percent.
    “We welcome the increase in the labor force,” said Mark W. Everson, commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “The continued increase in Indiana’s labor force is in sharp contrast with our Midwestern neighbors and the nation as a whole.” Everson noted that Michigan’s workforce has decreased for eight straight months and Ohio’s for five of the last six months.
    Indiana's jobless rate for November lower than all but one of its neighboring states. Ohio's unemployment rate stood at 8.5 percent, Kentucky was at 9.4, Michigan was 9.8 and Illinois had a 10.1 percent unemployment rate last month.

County jobless
rates in 2011
8.3% in November
8.1% in October
7.8% in September
8.0% in August
8.1% in July
8.0% in June
7.8% in May
7.6% in April
8.2% in March
8.8% in February
9.2% in January