Jobless rate at 6-month low here

    Adams County's unemployment rate fell to it's lowest level in six months during March, according to figures released Friday by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
    The county's jobless rate last month was 8.0 percent, down from an 8.3 percent reading in February and 8.5 percent unemployment levels in both January of this year and December of 2011. One year earlier, in March of 2011, Adams County's unemployment rate was 8.2 percent.
    The county's most recent jobless reading below 8 percent came in September of 2011 at 7.8 percent
    Vermillion County featured the state's highest unemployment rate during March at 12.1 percent, followed by Fayette, 11.7; Tipton, 11.2; Newton, 10.9; Lawrence and Starke, 10.8; Laporte and Miami, 10.7; and Blackford and Jennings, 10.6 percent.
    Adams County's rate was the 64th highest among the 92 counties in the state during March. The latest state report shows that 1,195 members of the county's total workforce of 14,970 remained unemployed last month.
    March jobless rates for other counties in northeast Indiana included Jay, 8.2 percent; Wells, 8.3; Allen, 9.1; Huntington, 9.4; and Whitley, 8.7 percent.

    Indiana’s private sector employment continues to grow, with 5,300 jobs added in March. The state’s unemployment rate dropped 0.2 percent to 8.2 percent, matching the national rate, which declined 0.1 percent from February. March was the fourth consecutive month the state’s rate declined.
    The unemployment rate in Indiana has not been below 8.2 percent since December of 2008.
    March unemployment rates for neighboring counties included Illinois, 8.8 percent; Kentucky, 8.6 percent; Michigan, 8.5 percent; and Ohio, 7.5 percent.
    “It is good news that Indiana’s unemployment rate is on the way down,” said Mark W. Everson, Commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “Indiana has seen steady job growth since the beginning of the year, with manufacturing leading the way, adding almost 8,000 jobs.”  
    Everson also noted the improvement in the state’s unemployment rate over the past year has come at the same time the labor force has been increasing. This is a sharp contrast from some of our neighboring states, who have seen their unemployment rates drop in large part due to individuals leaving the workforce.

Adams County jobless
rates, last 12 months

8.0% in March 2012
8.3% in February 2012
8.5% in January 2012
8.5 % in December 2011
8.3% in November 2011
8.1% in October 2011
7.8% in September 2011
8.0% in August 2011
8.1% in July 2011
8.0% in June 2011
7.8% in May 2011
7.6% in April 2011