Jets depth of field keeps Braves down, Heyerly stands out

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Decatur Daily Democrat

    EDITOR’S Note* The opening game this year between Bellmont and Adams Central was huge, with both teams battling for bragging rights. In all the excitement with the start of the season, I inadvertently left the story out of Tuesday’s DDD. It was a mistake of great magnitude, and I hope to never make it again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    For graduating a sensational senior class in 2019, the Adams Central Jets have more firepower than even head coach Michael Mosser expected. “No, no no, and no, I did not, ” Mosser said after being asked if he expected the 40-0 win over Bellmont Friday night. “We knew they [Bellmont] were capable of doing something great things, so our guys really stepped up for that.”
    For Adams Central, the depth of receivers and runners kept the game fresh. While sophomore running back Blake Heyerly led the game with 163 yards, ahead of teammate Alex Currie, 93 yards, and Bellmont’s Matthew Morris, 74 yards, he did not steal the show. Heyerly scored one touchdown in his 22 attempts, while the other 33 points came from others.
    “They came out and punched in the face there in the first drive, but we feel good about how we turned it around,” Heyerly said, giving credit to his team opposed to himself. “We played better than we expected ... so I feel like I played fine but it was due to our offensive line, they played great.”
    In the first quarter at Bellmont,  AC quarterback Dallas Schwaller punched in a one yard touchdown, and later found Ben Voirol in the endzone for six more points.
    On Bellmont’s side of the field, four players had four solo tackles, including QB Johnny Wilder. Wilder had one turnover result in a score late in the game, but went 8-12 on completed passes. The issue being eight passes only resulting in 26 yards. Wilder, an experienced varsity starter, found six targets in the air, compared to Schwaller’s two.
    Voirol scored on both sides of play for the high-flying Jets, first off a nine yard pass. Later in the game, left handed Wilder turned to hand off the football when Voirol came between him and the designated runner, taking the ball back for a defensive TD.
    “We told the kids before kickoff that the team that executed better and made the fewest mistakes would win the game, and they resoundingly did that,” said Braves coach Eric Davis. “They won, they deserved to win tonight. That doesn’t mean we throw in the towel, and we won’t.” Davis said that his upcoming practices will address the issues he and his team saw that night. “We will get better; at the end of the day, we owe it to ourselves to play better than we did tonight.”
    Davis, after his first game as Bellmont’s head coach, took responsibility for the errors his team made and intends to make good on his goals. “We were not at our best tonight, ultimately that’s my responsibility and we have to find a way to get better this week.”
    Adams Central is going to Eastside Friday night, while Bellmont makes the short drive to Berne to take on the Starfires.