Jauregui ready for IU track

    Former Bellmont state runner-up Travis Jauregui is preparing for his first spring high jump season with the Indiana University Men's Track Team.
    Jauregui completed indoor competitions recently. Travis cleared over 6'9" last June to earn second place in the state boys high jump competition at the Indiana track and field complex.
    "I'm learning a whole new technique," noted Jauregui.
    "It hurts my performance now, but when I get it down I expect to see improvement," noted Jauregui.
    "The toughest part was the two months of conditioning last fall. Everybody on the team did the same things. Now that I'm just high jumping and training, it's not so bad," admitted the freshman..
    Jauregui was in Decatur working with a few of the Bellmont jumpers, taking advantage of a couple of days off. Outdoor competitions begin at the conclusion of spring break.