Jailer given 3-0 okay

    Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg on Monday requested permission from the county commissioners to begin accepting applications to fill a vacancy for a jailer position at the Adams County Jail.
    Rekeweg stated that the vacancy is the result of a full-time jailer resigning last year.
    According to Rekeweg, the position is currently being covered with the help of part-time and full-time employees. However, it was noted by Rekeweg that due to scheduling conflicts it is not always possible to have the correct number of jailers on duty.
    "The state mandates we have two jailers on duty at all times," said Rekeweg. "The problem we run into is our part-time employees all have full-time jobs as well, so we're not always able to cover the jailer position."
    Commissioner Kim Fruechte stated that he would prefer to see two part-time employees hired to fulfill the position rather than one full-time employee. However, Fruechte reluctantly agreed to a full-time employee and the motion was passed 3-0 by the commissioners.