Iron Kid event results

    The 2012 Iron Kid triathlon, sponsored by the Decatur Parks & Recreation, was held July 21 at Adams Central High School with approximately 50 area children participating in the three event competition.
    Competitors began the triathlon with swimming in the ACentral pool, with the distance varying with the children's ages. Next came a 1.2 mile bike ride that wound out of the north entrance of the AC parking lot, down a closed-off Polk St., then a quick turn at the fairgrounds access road, winding around the front of AC and finishing at the track. Then it was with a .7 mile run out and about the AC campus with runners finishing the last leg on the track.
    The first three finishers in each age group received a trophy and each participant to complete the course received a medal. The finishing times, in minutes and seconds, are as follows:
Age 5-6:
    1-Owen Wanner            11.36
    2-Trevor Currie            12.40
    3-Gavin Krull                13.08
    4-Jack Scheumann        13.43
    5-Matt Heiser            13.51
    6-Kennedy Fuelling        14.01
    7-Braylon Braun            14.56
    8-Ean Brown                15.24
    9-Sadie Burkhead        16.42
    9-Logan Bathey            16.42
    11-Makenzie Manley    16.56
    12-Rylee Schurger        17.25
    13-Julia Arnold            18.59
    14-Krosbi Butler            26.24
Age 7-8:
    1-Duke Myers            11.06
    2-Ethan Brown            11.48
    3-Austin Christner        11.59
    4-Winston Brown        12.11
    5-Mason Myers            12.39
    6-Ethan Poling            12.54
    7-Bryce Rickord            12.59
    8-Gunner Butler            13.25
    9-Catherine Bauman    17.22
Age 9-10:
    1-Kaylee Fuelling        11.44
    2-James Arnold            11.53
    3-Macie Hirschy            12.13
    4-Noah Crokett            12.18
    5-Brooks Myers            12.22
    6-Shelby Oliver            12.44
    7-Megan Baczynski        13.01
    8-Sam Currie            13.03
    9-Sophie Krull            13.10
    10-Kaitlyn Roth            13.20
    11-MaKenna Call        13.28
    12-Kennedy Scherry    13.29
    13-Kiersten Boots        14.08
    14-Gabrielle Heiser        16.00
    15-Sophia Hake            17.14
    16-Annika Miller            18.08
Age 11-12:
    1-Grace Hunter            10.56
    2-Emily Fuelling            11.29
    3-Emerson Brown        11.36
    4-Madelyn Myers        12.42
    5-Corey Oliver            14.33
    6-Tyler Affolder            14.51
Age 13-14:
    1-Kole Kelley                12.44
    2-Mae Baczynski        13.24
    3-Kenadee Roth            13.41
    4-Madison Call            15.01
Age 15-16:
    1-Kyler Boots            11.51