Improved wellness is the topic

    About 40 people participated in the Winning with Wellness luncheon at the Adams County Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, hosted by the Adams County Wellness Initiative.
    Mayor John Schultz began the program, explaining that the Wellness Initiative was founded in November of 2009 and since then has strived to improve the mental, emotional, and physical wellness in Adams County.
    Kim Fullove and Diana Macklin gave a history of the initiative, beginning in 2009 and highlighting its growth to the present day.
    Dr. Michael Alter followed with a demonstration of the Wellness Initiative's website, which is He explained that the goal of the website is to become the county's "one-stop shop" for all things wellness.
    It will list healthcare providers, wellness classes, and events for the community.
    Alter added that the Wellness Initiative hosts these things for free, and encouraged the community to submit wellness events to the website.
    Nancy Manuel announced that Adams County has been chosen to receive a grant to help research and prevent childhood obesity, and that the Wellness Initiative plans to host events for this in coming years.
    The audience was split up into three groups to brainstorm about questions related to wellness in Adams County, and then Sarah Conrad thanked everyone for coming and participating.