IHSAA stresses athletic training by coaches not allowed until July

Dane Fuelling
Sports Editor

Decatur Daily Democrat

The IHSAA reiterated on Thursday that, by virtue of the directive from the state DOE and superintendent Jennifer McCormick, no contact should be made by any high school coach with their athletes, whether on-campus or off-campus in any way until July 1st.
“School sponsored activities are any school authorized activities directed, observed or instructed by the school’s coaching staff regardless of the location. This includes any conditioning, skills development and associated activities
through the end of June. Conditioning and During the School Year activities may only occur in or on school property, subsequently, these activities are hereby suspended,” reads Wednesday’s statement.
Soon-to-be Commissioner Paul Neidig stressed that coaches are not to hold conditioning or running off-campus during this time or hold batting practice sessions, for example.
The Association also announced that the traditional “dead week” in July considering the past three months have been without training.