Huntington North, Leo latest additions to new NHC

    More alignment shifting was approved by the remaining six teams in the former Northeast Hoosier Conference on Thursday as the schools welcome Leo and Huntington North to the list coming in 2015-16.
    Norwell principal Mark Misch who is also the president of the NHC, made the announcement concerning more news on the yet-to-be-named conference coming in a few years.
    "In terms of looking at all the areas that Leo and Huntington North presented, we felt like those two were the most similar to us from demographics to facilities to the sports being offered," Misch stated.
    With Carroll and Homestead being forced out by the other conference members due to their size and expansion. Homestead currently has 2,260 students enrolled, while Carroll has 2,048.
    Huntington North is no slouch in the enrollment department and would be the clear winner in school size with 1,750 students.