Hospital showing plus for financial

    A financial statement submitted to the Adams Health Network (AHN) Board of Trustees this week by Chief Financial Officer Dane Wheeler showed that Adams Memorial Hospital (AMH) has a plus financial balance of $389,016 as of the end of October.
    This is nearly $385,000 higher that what the hospital had at the end of October in 2011, but nearly $56,000 less than what had been budgeted for the year.
    The hospital has had total operating revenue of $37,712,510 this year with expenses of $35,481,336. The plus balance comes with $1,157,842 in non-operating revenue (such as CEDIT funds received to help pay the hospital bond).    For the year, AMH has admitted 1,857 patients, 1,512 critical access patients, 191 extended care patients, 222 admissions to Adams-Woodcrest, 36 patients to Adams-Heritage, and has delivered 183 babies (the latter an increase of  seven from this point last year).
    Surgeries are down from last year, 1,551-1,435, but overall outpatient registrations are up, 58,798-57,638. AMH has also seen 351 more patients in the emergency room, 9,722-9,371.