Heat aid fund takes big hit

    A large reduction in state funds for the Energy Assistance Program that's operated by Community and Family Services (CFS) has occurred and that loss will affect how much CFS will be able to assist people in need during the upcoming winter.
    Millie Deaton, who heads the Adams County CFS office, said the agency received $4 million from Indiana for the winter of 2010-11, but was cut to $500,000 for the coming winter.
    As a result, "mass days," when CFS personnel talk with older people and the disabled about the program, have been cancelled, as were appointments in the local CFS office.
    Instead, says Deaton, she contacted local elderly people and those with handicaps to tell them of the substantial loss of money.
    In regard to the future, a CFS statement said, "Information will be coming out soon about how to apply for energy-assistance benefits in the county."
    Deaton is hoping that this year's participation in Walk for Warmth in Decatur on Thursday, November 3, will be much larger and will make a lot more money to help compensate for the big cut in state funds.
    Walk for Warmth will start at 6 p.m. at the CFS office at the Adams County Service Complex and will end back at the Complex after going around Decatur on sidewalks.