Hakes ready for a heavyweight challenge

    Bellmont wrestling fans will get a rare treat tonight when the 9-2 Braves take on the 4-3 New Haven Bulldogs, and I'm not talking about the 1,030 wins that the two veteran coaches will take to the tussle.
    No, mat fans will get to see the home debut of Brian Hakes, a new 205-pound senior heavyweight.
    A couple of weeks ago, Hakes, already a three-sport standout for two high schools, was just minding his own business at Bellmont High.
    "I just talked to him at school one day, and he said, 'you'd let me come out as a senior?' I said 'yeah, sure, come on out. See if it can work in your schedule and see if you like it,. You don't owe me anything, don't owe the team anything, if you want to come out and try.' He could definitely end up helping us," explained coach Faurote.
    Presenting a chance to compete against some of the biggest, and strongest, and meanest young men in the state of Indiana and in a specialized sport may not be real attractive setup to a lot of 18-year-olds. But we're talking about Brian Hakes of kick-blocking sectional football fame, and a kid who is serious about football, hockey, and baseball, where he plays, of course, catcher.
    If he's in, he excels.
    And it didn't hurt that Hakes has a bunch of his football and baseball buddies on the wrestling squad.
    "Coach Faurote  thought if he could have a mean person at heavyweight it might help the team go a long way. A coiuple of my buddies' dads felt the same way so I jumped it. They felt I could help the team out," explained Hakes.
    "I've always wanted to do it, but I've always played hockey. I'm just doing both now," said Hakes, who wrestled in the eighth grade at BMS.
    "The heavyweight class doesn't take much technique, so that's why I'm here."
    "I don't want to take anything away from (junior heavyweight) Skyler Hayes. He's come a long way and has worked hard. Brian is such a fine athlete and so strong, that he can jump in there and compete. Plus we are going to end up using both of them," explained Faurote.