Guided tour of sculptures in city is being prepared

    The North Adams Art Council (NAAC) hs announced that artists from the Old 27 art group have been working on "The Little City With the Big H'art," a guided tour of the Sculpture Walk in Decatur.
    Artists have compiled biographies of their lives and work, including human interest aspects of their work, which will also be included in the tour, according to a news release.
    A representative of the NAAC said they "hope to have the tour ready by the Christmas Open House held downtown."
    Times and dates for the tour will be released at a later date.
    The NAAC also announced that the the Old 27 Art Gallery, located inside Sunshine Uniques Flower and Gift Shop, is currently displaying the art exhibit "Scagliola, WHAT IS IT?"
    The exhibit was erected by artists Greg Mendez and mentor Neil Wiffil.
    Scagliola is fake plaster; however, Wiffil and Mendez have taken the ancient art form to a new level and have been commissioned to create a scagliola for St. Mary's of the Assumption Catholic Church, according to the news release.
    Old 27 artists also have paintings on display at the gallery for the enjoyment and purchase of visitors, the release said.
    Upcoming classes at the gallery include "Creating Mailable Art," which entails creating your own paper then coloring, cutting, embossing with molds or heat, burning, tearing and many other possibilities to create art to mail or frame.
    Interested individuals are encouraged to begin saving dryer lint now and place it gently in a bag to bring to the class, according to the release.
    A "Make it and Take it" jewelry making class will also soon be available at the gallery, according to the announcement.
    Dates and times for the upcoming classes will be released at a later date, according to the release.