Grant to aid those in CC program

    A grant of $25,000 from an anonymous foundation has been received by the Behavioral Health Center of Adams Memorial Hospital to help provide services to individuals in the Community Corrections program and their families.
    “This is a win-win situation for all individuals involved,” said Behavioral Health Center director Dr. John Gibson.
    “This grant is directed specifically at individuals who need counseling or other mental health services in the Community Corrections program but don’t have the financial ability to seek the care,” said Gibson.
    Ian Gilbert, director of the Community Corrections program, said the grant assists the Families in Need (FIN) program and that services provided by the Behavioral Health Center could range from individual sessions to family counseling to substance and chemical abuse treatment.
    “It is based totally on need," Gilbert said. "We see a lot of the people assigned to the Community Corrections program who are tapped out. They don’t have insurance to pay for medical treatment, they’re paying court fees, some may be without jobs. Best of all, it’s free for those in our program who can benefit the most.”
    Gibson said the grant targets non-violent offenders in the Community Corrections program with the goal being “we want to be able to help individuals make correct choices in life so the likelihood of them being re-arrested is significantly reduced.”
    He said those in the Community Corrections system are not violent offenders, but still are required to wear ankle braclets to monitor their whereabouts.  Counseling focuses on keeping the family nucleus together during a period of time in which other problems may arise.
    Individuals who seek the counseling voluntarily “seem to do much better if they are here on their own instead of having someone tell them they have to come,” said Gilbert.