Golden Meadows pay hikes okayed by county council; for others, not so much

    Tom Magnan, administrator of the county’s Golden Meadows retirement home, appeared at the regular monthly meeting of the Adams County Council Tuesday morning to ask permission to raise the rate of pay for four members of his staff. Specifically, Magnan requested an increase in the hourly wages of three certified and non-certified nursing assistants, as well as the wage of the retirement home’s housekeeping/laundry supervisor.  
    Magnan noted the hourly rate increases he was proposing amounted to a restructuring of the current pay scale, eliminating a previous anomaly which at times saw part-time employees being paid more per hour than their full-time counterparts. Under Magnan’s proposal, both part and full-time certified nursing assistants would be paid $14 per hour while the rate paid to the full-time housekeeping/laundry supervisor would be set at $12.52 per hour.
  According to Magnan, the salary increases may be handled within the scope of the 2013 budget without requiring the additional allocation of funds from county council. Councilors unanimously approved the request with the new rates taking effect Oct. 25.