Geneva stands firm on 3.5% fire aid hike

    The Geneva Town Council on Tuesday stuck to its original plan to ask for a 3.5 percent increase in the annual fee paid by surrounding townships to Geneva for fire protection provided by the town's fire department.
    The town received a letter from Wabash, Hartford and Jefferson township trustees collectively requesting the same contract as last year, with no increase. Geneva Town Council members took the letter into consideration before deciding that the costs incurred by the town for providing those townships with fire protection warranted an increase in the contract amount.
    "I don't think we're gouging them," said Clerk-Treasurer Bill Warren. "I think we're giving them a bargain."
    Council member Jim Timmons agreed, saying, "Our guys are well-trained and well-equipped. There's a history of Geneva providing good service to the townships."
    Timmons explained that the Geneva Volunteer Fire Department has a response time of less than three minutes from the time the alarm sounds to the time the fire truck goes out.
    The council approved a motion to increase the cost to the townships for fire protection by 3.5 percent.