Geneva fire chief eyes student career training

    Art Booth of the Geneva Fire Department presented a special request to the Geneva Town Council at its June meeting, asking to use the fire station as fire and rescue career training for high school students.
    Booth suggested that about 20 high school students aged 17 and older in the surrounding three counties be offered the opportunity to attend fire and rescue career training for about three hours on school days, as do mechanic and trade students. He said that buses could pick them up and drop them off during a year-long intensive training, after which they would have earned several fire and rescue certifications that would allow them to go straight into the work force after high school if they chose.
    Booth added that all of the equipment is already at the fire station, and he said he is certified to teach the required classes. He added that a young man is coming to the area who is also certified to teach the classes and would be able to take over when Booth retires.
    Further details in today's print and e-editions.