Fuelling tabbed Marquette, Butler

    Jim Fuelling picked both Butler and Marquette to be in the Sweet 16, the only such picker so far (more sheets to be checked) in the Decatur Daily Democrat March Challenge NCAA picking contest. He scored 54 points in picking Ohio State.
    Josh Fisher and Chester Smith totaled 57 points and both took Kansas. Samantha Macklin did well early and earned 57 points ... but had Texas as the champ.
    Yvonne Raudenbush, a longtime Duke fan, has 54 points and her Blue Devils, and Moss Whitright as the same number and Duke.
    Ryan Okoniewski had one of the top totals on the East-West side of the bracket, scoring 35 of his 51 points there. He takes Ohio State. Aaron Macklin has 54 points and the Buckeyes.
    John Fuelling scored hit 15 of the 16 games right on the East-West side, second round, but didn't fare as well on the opposite and currently has 53 points, and Kansas.
    After Sweet 16 games the next few days, there will be more separation.
    A dinner for four at Arnold's Drive-In is the top prize for the winner.