Frock takes on incumbent commissioner Coil in 2nd

    Longtime county commissioner Ed Coil, a Republican, and Democratic newcomer, Robert Frock, will square off on November 2 for the Second District commissioner seat.
    Both men talked at the candidate forum provided by the Decatur Rotary Club last week.
    Coil pointed out that he is a Korean War veteran, a 35-year employee and official for the former Zollner Corp. in Fort Wayne, and for 10 years was the general manager of the Detroit Pistons.
    He said the major problem the county faces is financial, with, for example, the highway department expecting $500,000 less from the state in 2011 than what was received in 2008. He said the highway staff is down by three people and they were not replaced in an effort to save money.
    The county also must look at, Coil said, "renovating or replacing" the building that houses Adams Superior Court and the probation department.
    Work is being done, he said, to modify the work-release center so it can hold more women, since females are committing more crimes.
    The jail is "near or at capacity" all the time and things could get worse if state officials say they cannot hold additional criminals in prisons and cannot afford to build more prisons, so county jails would have to house more people.
    Coil reported that he and the other commissioners, Kim Fruechte and Doug Bauman, have "a good working relationship."
    He listed some of the boards on which he sits and said it is "an honor" to be on the Adams County Economic Development Corp. (ACDEC) board and to work with the agency's executive director, Larry Macklin.
    The veteran commissioner said the ACEDC has a revolving loan fund with $630,000 in loans in use in Adams County to help businesses.
    Frock, who was trained as a diesel technician, says he works part-time for the county and is also a farmer who works hard at whatever he takes up.
    He described himself as "very frugal" and said that, if elected, he will push to "save every penny we possibly can."