Fox family has picking edge

    With approximately half of the huge stack of "March Challenge" brackets still unchecked (by tomorrow), there have been some interesting trends, including a strong showing from the "Fox" family.
    Middle schooler David Fox (AC) has rolled up 64 points to lead the way so far, scoring 36 points on the East-West side of the bracket. He picks Kansas over UConn for the title. David is 15 points ahead of dad, Dave, who likes Ohio State.
    Mary Fox (ACHS) has 56 points and takes Duke over Kansas for the title. Missy Fox picked Butler to be in the sweet 16, and has 50 points.
    The upsets by Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth (also of Richmond) and Butler have thrown the Southwest-Southeast side of the bracket in a tizzy, with most lucky to get 23 points out of that side so far.
    Jen Fuelling has 59 points and Ohio State. Jason L. King has 57 points and the Buckeyes. Nichole Hawkins likes the Buckeyes and is in good shape with 55 points.
    From Dublin, Randy Fudge likes Kansas and has rolled up 54 points, the same number as the DDD's Jim Hopkins (KU). Joe Spaulding has Ohio State, but just 39 points thus far (he's out of it).
    Angie Hall (50) picked all the first round games right in the Southeast. She likes Kansas.
    Kevin Ripley has rolled up 57 points and takes Duke to win it all.