Forks, spoons, knives ... Hovey uses them all

    Artist Gary Hovey of New Knoxville, Ohio, has spent the past 25 years sculpting, something he loves to do. What makes Hovey's sculptures unique is the medium used to create his masterpieces: stainless steel flatware. Forks, spoons, knives, you name it, and he's probably used it.
    Hovey said about 35 years ago he and his wife visited an art show where one sculptor in particular caught his eye. "He was welding car bumpers together and making beautiful sculptures out of them," said Hovey
    Jump ahead 10 years or so and we come to Hovey learning how to weld. His  sculture is displayed inside Sunshine Uniques on Second St. downtown and was part of  the Decatur Sculpture Tour Festival held Saturday,
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