Few file for tax refunds

    Adams County Auditor Mary Beery has released information related to the improper property tax calculations performed by her office for low income senior citizens who qualify for an over-65 age tax deduction.
    Earlier this year, Beery sent letters to the 276 county residents whose property taxes were improperly calculated in 2011 and 2012, notifying them of the possible error and informing them of the necessity for filing an appeal with the auditor if they wished to question their tax calculations and potentially qualify for a refund. Beery stated only 53 of the 276 individuals actually followed through and filed the mandated appeals, with all but four of those appeals being granted.
    Refunds to those citizens who qualified for the full deductions and filed the required appeal totaled $4,652.88 in 2011 and $4,635.76 in 2012, Beery reported.  The state only allows for appeals to be filed for the previous three years in cases involving the improper tabulation of property tax deductions.
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