Farmers Market reopens here on Thursday

    The Decatur Farmers Market will begin its fourth season next Thursday and for the second year in a row will be located at Riverside Center, where ample parking is available for vendors, Chamber of Commerce officials have announced. 
    The hours will remain the same as last year, with the market opening at 3:30 p.m. and continuing until 6:30.
    Participants provide their own tables and covering, if desired, and there is no fee for vendors.
    The market is open to flowers, produce and handmade craft related vendors. Non-profit and home-based food items are also welcome, subject to meeting health department labeling requirements, the announcement said.
    Commercial food vendors and non-food related businesses are asked not to come to the market. 
    Vendors are asked to respect business at Riverside Center by not setting up stalls prior to 2:30 pm. Vendors selling from vehicles are asked to park on the north and south ends of the parking lot.  Those selling from tables should set up on the west side, along the sand volleyball court. 
    Electricity is not available.
    For more information, contact the Chamber, 724-2604, or Decatur Parks and Recreation, 724-2520.