Ex-officer Whitright charged

    A native of Decatur who recently resigned as a patrolman with the Warsaw police force has been charged with one count each of child molesting and child solicitation, allegedly involving a girl under age 14.
    Timothy S. Whitright, of rural Warsaw, who grew up here and graduated from Bellmont High School, posted a $10,000 bond to leave the Kosciusko County Jail at Warsaw.
    Whitright, who will turn 29 on December 30, has been scheduled for a hearing on January 5 in Kosciusko Superior Court One at Warsaw.
    He is accused of molesting by "fondling or touching a child under 14 with intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the child or himself" and is charged with solicitation by seeking to get a child under age 14 to "engage in fondling or touching designed to arouse the sexual desires of the child or himself."
    The affidavit of probable cause filed in the court by Daniel Hampton, the prosecutor of Kosciusko County, and his investigator, Sam Whitaker, says that, in November of 2010, Whitright gave the alleged victim a ride to her home after she had visited with children at Whitright's home. During that ride, Whitright reportedly asked the girl to engage in sexual activities and reportedly touched her sexually.
    The affidavit also claims, "Whitright told [the girl] not to tell anyone and that no one would believe her because 'he's a cop and [she] was a kid.'"
    The affidavit further states that Whitright admitted asking the girl to perform sex acts and "admitted that he placed his hand on her waist/stomach area and just inside the waistband of her pants, [but] denied that he reached any farther into her pants."
    Whitright had been on the WPD for about four years when he resigned.