Evacuate? Grab your coat (and the cat) and go

    What do you do when a firefighter comes to your door and says you have to evacuate due to a natural gas leak. You leave, of course, just as probably a couple of hundred or more of us on Master Drive, Mix Avenue and Lewis Drive did Monday night.
    “You can take your pets, too, if you’d like,” the firefighter said.
    At first it was a bit of a relief, knowing he only wanted you to evacuate. After all, if a firefighter in full regalia is knocking on your door, isn’t your first thought that your house is probably on fire and has been spotted by someone?
    This is the sort of stuff you see in the movies. You put on some warm clothes, turn off most of the lights, grab the cat and head for the van. And by that time, the smell of natural gas is in the home; light, but there.
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