Dyer first candidate for treasurer post

    Local businessman Ed Dyer has announced his filing for the office of Adams County Treasurer, subject to the Republican primary.
    He is the first announced or filed candidate for the position. Current Treasurer Rex Moore cannot seek a new term due to term limits.
    A lifelong resident of Decatur, Dyer has been married to Kate (Eichhorn) Dyer for 37 years. Kate has worked in her family business, Eichhorn Jewelry, for over 40 years.
     Together they have three sons: Eddie III, Matthew, and Patrick and four grandchildren, with another on the way.
    Dyer is a full-time professional auctioneer and has his own company, Ed Dyer Auction Service, Inc. He said he has worked for the past 30 years in the wholesale auction business, selling automobiles, semi trucks, and heavy duty construction equipment. He has conducted auctions all over Indiana and in major cities all over the US.
     Dyer is a Member of the Professional Auctioneer’s Society of America.
    Prior to starting his auctioneer profession, Dyer was an announcer and news director for WADM (now WZBD) radio.
    He is very active with the Elks, and has an extensive record of service in the organization in Decatur, in the Northeast District, in the state, and in the national Elks organization. Dyer has served on the board of directors of the Indiana Elks Association and was Chairman of the Board in 2008.
    He is the current state secretary of the nearly 20,000-member Indiana Elks Association, and works in the Indiana Elks Executive Committee with the planning, budgeting, investments, financing and implementation of their nearly $300,000 annual budgets of the Indiana Elks Association and their respective charities.
    He has been nationally named as Organizing Secretary of  “Indy 2015,” the National Elks Organizing Committee to implement the myriad of details as the national Elks bring their annual Convention to Indianapolis.
    Dyer leads the Decatur Elks Lodge 993.
     He has served in all capacities of the Northeast Elks, and led the group for 13 years as secretary/treasurer.
     Dyer has served as a vice precinct committeeman of the Adams County Republican Party and has filed for precinct committeeman for the upcoming term.
     Dyer stated in making the announcement, “It is time for me to bring all the common sense business skills I have learned in my business and charitable concerns, and to serve the residents of Adams County in using those skills in the office of Adams County Treasurer.”
     “I have lived here for all my 56 years, and I love our Adams County way of life. Kate and I are blessed to have our family all living so close to us. I want to do all I can to make our Adams County communities the very best I can for my children and grandchildren.”
     “I have learned a great deal in the way business operates. I am at a point in my life where I can concentrate my efforts in serving the people of Adams County. By paying attention to detail, by working diligently in the collection of all taxes and the other income owed to us in Adams County, I can bring in all the revenue due to us. With everyone paying what they owe, this keeps each individual’s taxes to the absolute minimum needed to run our county government.”
    Dyer also said, “Our current Adams County Treasurer, Rex Moore, and his fine staff in the treasurer’s office have set the standard in the way that this office should be run. They are a great example of how county government should operate. It is my goal to continue with their fine business plan of operations and to use my unique skill set of leadership, finance, education, communication and computer integration to continue serving the citizens of Adams County with the service they deserve.”