Dogs at events can create problems

    The problem or horse manure came up at this week's meeting of Decatur City Council, and so did another animal-related problem: dogs at events like the just-concluded Motorsports Festival.
    Councilman Matt Dyer raised the issue, explaining how he had seen a woman and her child become frightened by a dog with someone attending the car show. He questioned what, if anything, can be done.
    Police Chief Ken Ketzler said publicizing a ban on dogs at events would help. Although signs were posted at the car show, there had been no advance notice through the newspaper and radio station.
    Publicizing the ban on animals at the Fourth of July fireworks has helped reduce the problem over the last few years, he added.
    Dyer also complimented show organizers (the Chamber of Commerce) and city workers for their assistance.
    Also at the meeting;
    • Council adopted a resolution designating the old city utilities building between the police station and city pool as a slum and blighted area. It is a procedural step necessary to apply for a grant to demolish the aged structure.
    ª An ordinance to establish a city redevelopment commission was approved on its third and final reading. The next step is appointing the five members of the commission, which will likely occur at the next council meeting. Three will be appointed by the mayor and two by city council.
    • A resolution was adopted to transfer $2,500 from two city police department funds into its repairs and maintenance funds. Repairs to vehicles "are starting to eat us up," Police Chief Ken Ketzler said, noting that some $5,000 in parts has been expended in just the first five months of the year.
    The city does its own repairs if possible.
    * Mayor Johh Schultz said he is awaiting a second appraisal of the former sweeper shop/Holthouse Drug Co. building at Second and Monroe streets. After two appraisals are secured, the average worth of the two will set a figure which the city may not go above in purchasing the building.
    Owner Don Spice has offered to sell the unsightly building to the city.