Decatur police chief honored by peers

    Leaders of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police have announced that longtime Decatur Police Chief Kenneth Ketzler has been awarded that organization's William Sudbury Memorial Leadership Award, given to those who "most consistently exemplify the highest standards of leadership."
    Ketzler, who has been at the Decatur Police Department for a number of years, also previously served as a deputy with the Adams County Sheriff's Department.
    An announcement about the award commends Ketzler for being "diligent in promoting a better working environment within his department and the community he serves — not just the community of Decatur, Indiana, but the community of professional law enforcement personnel.
    "Ken Ketzler is a true Leaders' Leader in every sense of the word: a person of strengthm integrity, and true heart."
    According to the association, Sudbury Award winners:
    • Demonstrate an awareness of the need for continuous learning.
    The IACP said Ketzler "has excelled in this area by personally committing to and following up on assuring that not just members of the command team of his small department are exposed to the Police Executive Leadership Academy and its concepts, but also those informal leaders in his department. He continues this commitment despite the considerable obstacles that confront a department his size."
    • Exhibit commitment and courage to change things necessary to enhance leadership and organizational efficiency.
    The IACP said, "Here is where Chief Ketzler has truly stepped up to the plate. You won't hear him say a lot at first, but when you've pushed him to his point, you know you've poked the sleeping bear. Chief Ketzler's heart and courage are twice the size of his considerable stature.
    "He truly cares about the level of leadership in his department and in law enforcement overall. He says what he means, stands behind his word, and has the courage to admit when he's wrong."
    • Consistently walk the talk, model true leadership, and support those in their profession who do likewise.
    "Chief Ketzler demonstrates strong competence in this area by continuously walking tall among his peers—and not just physically. He steps up whenever there is a need to demonstrate or facilitate true professionalism in law enforcement. His personal commitment to the chiefs' association over the years has been immeasurable," the organization said.
    • Promote personal and organizational accountability toward achieving a clear organizational mission and vision.
    Ketzler, according to the IACP, "truly stands out. From accomplishments in the Decatur community, knowing and caring about its members, to raising the bar of professionalism and service within his department, his watchwords have been 'Well, if it needs to be done, let's do it' for himself, but mostly for others."