Decatur council preps for sale of bonds

    The city of Decatur’s twin projects to provide funding for renovation of a building to be used for a new city hall plus the construction of an all-new police station continued moving ahead at city council’s meeting Tuesday night.
    With eight members of United Methodist Church’s Boy Scout Troop 70, along with leaders, looking on, council approved a bond resolution, then passed on the first two of three readings each a bond ordinance and an appropriations ordinance. Mayor John Schultz took the time to explain to the boys what was taking place, while council members and city officials introduced themselves, as did the various department heads.
    The three moves are designed to provide approximately $2 million through the sale of a 10-year, general obligation bond to renovate the former First State Bank building, a stone’s throw from the current City Hall, and also to construct a new police station on city-owned property off Seventh Street, just north of the current fire station.
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