Deadline is Dec. 3 for mailings to overseas armed forces members

    In an effort to insure that all members of the nation’s armed forces receive their holiday gifts, packages and correspondence in time for the holidays, Decatur Postmaster Weston Worth has released dates by which items need to be postmarked in order to arrive at their destination in a timely fashion.
    According to Worth, “We want to remind customers about these important mailing dates” which “will help ensure cards, letters and packages arrive in time for the holidays.”
    Packages shipped by space available mail (SAM) should be postmarked by Nov. 26 while those shipped by parcel airlift mail (PAL) need to be mailed by Dec. 3. Priority mail and first-call mail letters and cards should be mailed by Dec. 10 (Dec. 3 if your zip code ends in 093), while priority mail express military service shipments need to be postmarked no later that Dec. 17.