DBA announces registration

    The Decatur Baseball Association has announced its registration dates, and all are in February.
    The dates will be Feb. 8, 10, 14 and 16, 6-8 p.m. and Feb. 20, a Sunday evening, 5 to 7 p.m.
    The registration activities will take place at the lower level of the United Steelworkers Union Hall, which is located just north of 2nd St. along the Monmouth Road.
    League officials encourage all interested players and families to register on these dates in order for league officials to prepare for the correct number of teams. It affects equipment, scheduling, and personnel.
    Those managers interested in retaining their teams should contact league president Jim Hopkins at 223-1947. Those adults who want to manage, or coach, should also contact Hopkins.
    Managers and coaches will be approved by the DBA board of directors, which consists of the officers elected earlier this year.
    The Decatur Baseball Association is adding one fund raiser this year, and dropping one. The league will retain raffle ticket sales, and add candy bar sales as well. There will be no Tincaps project this year.
    "We realize this is an added burden to the families who have kids playing baseball, but the candy bars (one dollar each) are easily sold and it's a 50 percent profit for the league. Those unable to pay for the box of candy at registration may take the bars, sell them, and turn the funds back into the league or to a manager. We have the same setup with the raffle tickets," noted Hopkins.
    There will also be a buyout.  Each player (one to a family) will get a box of 50 candy bars. The buyout will be $25.
    Because of increasing expenses, more fundraising is necessary to run the leagues, noted Hopkins.
    The basic registration fee remains at $40. Raffle tickets and candy bars will be handed out at registration. The candy bars will include a $1 coupon.
    There will also be a contest for those players who sell the most  candy bars. Prizes will be given to the top seller on each team, and the top five sellers overall. Prizes will include a cash option, so players could earn enough to pay for most of the registration fee.